Harness The Power Of Direct Hire Networking.

Anyone can submit resumes through a job board and put their resume on the virtual stack of hundreds of others.  Engaging with a talented Direct Hire recruiter like Hawkins-Bohman, skilled in your geography and industry, means virtually connecting with every company you would be interested in. Networks are our life blood.  No matter how big your network is, ours is bigger.  Harness it!  Hawkins-Bohman can even network for you confidentially, if need be. 

Personal Attention - It's What We Do.

At·ten·tion  (ə-tĕn′shən) n.1. a.  The act  of  close  or  careful observing  or  listening.

Personal attention then, is the act of applying these concepts to people, and to the task at hand. 

Direct Hire recruiters (good-ones) are skilled at providing personal attention to their candidates, while bringing to bear the full force of their client network. 

Direct Hire recruiters know about jobs that aren't posted on job boards. These might be jobs where the search is confidential, or just not posted YET.  It takes an incredible amount of energy and resources to find the right employee, and job board postings can produce a lot of non-qualified candidate resumes, each of which needs to be reviewed regardless.  Skilled Direct Hire recruiters have long-term relationships with their clients and have earned trust over time. They therefore offer a cost-effective way for companies to reduce or entirely avoid this workload.  Some companies simply choose to work exclusively with Direct Hire recruiters.   This translates to a huge advantage for a candidate connected to the recruiter.

Still not convinced?  Consider these two invaluable advantages:  1) When the recruiter presents someone to a trusting client, the client listens.  If you approach the company on your own, you are a complete unknown. Just like contracting a painter or hiring someone to fix your car, a good reference goes a long way; and 2) Because the Direct Hire recruiter has taken the time to get to know you as a candidate and understands the corporate and cultural aspects that are hard for you to find in your research, they can showcase your talent and explain to employers exactly  what makes you "the right fit."

They can also help you understand the backgrounds of interviewers, what to expect at the interview, and even what to wear! The best Direct Hire recruiters will also help tweak your resume so it is presented in a way the client expects. They will also outline what to expect during the interview process, and give you "preparation assignments" to optimize your performance.  

So now that you're out of excuses, let's do this!  Click "Step One" below to get connected.

Direct Hire FAQ's - We can answer that.

1.  If I don't see a job posted on the website in my industry or field, can you still help me?

Absolutely.  First and foremost, we are relationship builders.  Direct Hire Search is extremely fluid, and opportunities arise constantly.  Hawkins-Bohman maintains relationships in a wide variety of industries.  Send us your resume, have a conversation, and let us market you to our clients.

2. I'm not sure how to get started.  What do I do first?  

Search, Click, or Call.  It's really that simple.  Whether you think your ready, or you have questions first.  We'll  tell you everything you need to know to get started and be there for you every step of the way.

3.  Okay, but I'm currently employed.  Is this process confidential?

We fully respect the confidentiality of your search. We use only the contact information and instructions that you provide.  We will never contact your employer, your supervisor, or any coworkers without your express consent.  

4. Do I have to pay to use your service?

This is actually one of the best reasons to call Hawkins-Bohman: our Direct Hire search services are FREE!  Employers cover the cost of finding  top talent for their organizations, including job market information, resume preparation, interview coaching,  salary negotiation etc. 

5. Do I need to have a resume to apply?

Yes.  We require a resume so that we may properly evaluate your experience and credentials.  If you need direction call us.   

6. What happens after I send a resume?

We will review your background and will contact you to discuss your professional experience and career goals in more detail.  If you are local to the Central Valley area, we will likely recommend an in-person meeting with you. 

You can call Hawkins-Bohman with any other questions you have and we will be happy to answer!